What is ESPORTS11?

Esports11 is a Dutch company that manages FIFA leagues online. There are no ordinary leagues, we’re organizing the first 11-11 matches!

Why 11-11?

  • We want to make the competition as realistic and exciting as possible. Therefore we organize 11 vs 11 matches instead of 1 vs 1 which is the standard right now.
  • Esports11 provides an additional variation of FIFA Pro Clubs

Why should you join?

  • Esports11 is organizing the first 11 vs 11 matches which makes FIFA Esports even more realistic
  • Another unique feature of Esports11 is the first virtual coach out there. CoachIngio. CoachIngio has been a trainer to many players for a number of years. His experience in the game helps other players to become even better. Team managers often ask CoachIngio to train the teams and lift them to a higher level.
  • We have 5 coaches to help and guide new managers so they can develop their skills and help us make Esports11 a league of the highest standard
  • Judges, admins and coaches are all trained to give you the best experience possible
  • Everyone is treated with respect
  • The use of glitches and cheating are both forbidden, this to ensure an equal playing field for all players and teams

Why do I have to fill out my age?

Esports11 is organizing both Youth and Senior leagues. We do this to make sure everyone is playing at the right level. This also makes the transfers much more interesting. You can discover Young Talent and help them become the new star Senior players.

What about my privacy?

We’re working on making our site as safe as possible so that your privacy will be protected as good as possible.

We do however use cookies. By using our platform you consent to the use of cookies.

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Terms and conditions

To ensure fair play at all time we’ve written down a few house rules

  1. Respect anyone who is a member of Esports11
  2. Keep calm and say no to racism
  3. Registration fees will be paid via iDEAL or PayPal
  4. While streaming it is not allowed to use profound language.
  5. Make sure to fill out your personal information completely and correctly, this to ensure we can put you in the right league.
  6. Report and disagreement with a teammate, admin, manager or other Esports11 user to the staff or chief admins op Esports11. They will find a solution for this disagreement.
  7. We will suspend players who are discriminating, scolding or causing quarrels. The suspension can have a duration of 1 month of longer depending on the situation.
  8. Advertisements by other parties are not allowed on this platform
  9. It is not allowed to use more than 1 account. The penalty for this fact is at least 1 month suspension
  10. It is not allowed to post graphic photos, videos or text. The given penalty is decided by the type of content that is placed. Exclusion of the platform is a possibility.

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